Wise Immigration to offer FREE processing fee for PNA-Cebu Chapter’s new, current members

Wise Immigration to offer FREE processing fee for PNA-Cebu Chapter’s new, current members

Wise Immigration has been sending nurses abroad especially Canada since 2012 under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the student visa program. They are continuing its mission to help aspiring nurses to go to Canada and eventually create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Through this Memorandum of Understanding, Wise Immigration is offering FREE processing fee to every existing and new member of the Philippine Nurses Association-Cebu Chapter under student visa and exclusive enrollee ONLY for Niagara College Canada.

The MOU establishes a collaborative relationship, which shall serve as the foundation for further shared activities between the two institutions.  Depending on the availability of resources and subject to individual agreements of both parties, every effort will be made to maximize productive relationships to ensure that all desired goals will be realized in the given time. Both parties also recognize each role providing sufficient analysis to the institutions as stipulated in the agreement.

Mr. Eric Jin, Southeast Asia Manager and Divine Lacuna both represented Niagara College during the event. Wise Immigration’s partnership with Niagara College in Canada started in the year 2013. Niagara College has become a leader in applied education, and a regional college with global reach. At Niagara College, more than 9,000 full-time students study in OVER 100 diploma, graduate certificate, apprenticeship and Bachelor’s Degree programs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jessie Empaces, Norma Hinoguin (former presidents of PNA – Cebu Chapter) and Arnold Daclan represented the PNA – Cebu Chapter. Wise Immigration’s partnership with PNA-Cebu Chapter also started 5 years ago. PNA Cebu Chapter works to ensure quality and holistic nursing care for all, fair health policies, the advancement of nursing knowledge through trainings and seminars and an ethical competent nursing workforce

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