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Wise Immigration holds Team Building, promotes operational excellence

Wise Immigration holds Team Building, promotes operational excellence

To escape the whirlwinds of its workplace, Wise Immigration, in partnership with Niagara College, spearheaded the Team building activity at the Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, San Fernando, Cebu last October 19-20, 2017.

The theme for this year’s Team Building was “Operation Excellence”. It was formulated on one simple thought which was that Wise Staff has always been known for their team effort and camaraderie. The only struggle was how to make them realize that they have always been looking out after each other.

Ben Ryan Ybanez, President and CEO of Wise Immigration, believes that successful teams are a major contingent for an organization to succeed.

“It is a challenge for the management to create a right culture and right platform for these teams to thrive in” he added.

Charisse Ambrad, the HR officer, claims that the most recent team building has actually magnified and expanded the pre-existing relationships.

“It warms my heart how during the initial part of the team building everyone was overly conscious and awkward but was able to forge lasting friendship at the end of the day – even those people who were known to not get along well on a daily basis,” said Ambrad.

“Experiences and Learnings”

An article from Forbes defines team building as an essential tool of any successful company, and when done right, it is fun, educational and helps to build camaraderie.

Mark Belonguel, one of the case officers, said that his whole experience was awesome. Under the Green Team, he said that their goal before coming in to the activity is to finish the activity safely and to have fun.

The same sentiment was shared by Joan Marie Wabe, accounting head. Her overall experience was fun and she earned some learning throughout the activity. “Red Team’s goal was for us to finish the challenges together and safely.”

For Andrew Rentuaya, an IT Staff and a member of the Blue Team, the activities took them to the edge physically, mentally and emotionally…it awakens their primal instincts to trust themselves especially their teammates.

“These are the type of experiences wherein when you look back like 5 years from now, you’ll be proud that you have survived it, learned from it and most of all, enjoyed while it lasted.” Rentuaya added with pure joy.

Vera Canoy, from the Yellow Team, took the summation of her experiences with a little taste of emotion.

“Joining the team building made me realize that Wise Immigration is not just a company; it is my “HOME” wherein I can find wonderful people that I can call my family.”

Written by: Leo Garciso
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