Study Direct Stream guarantees faster visa application

Study Direct Stream guarantees faster visa application

On the height of greater demands for international students across Canada, the Study Direct Stream (SDS) program was launched to speed up visa processing for students who wants to study at colleges and universities in Canada.

According to Ambassador John Holmes, there are benefits if students will choose Canada as their study destination including world class institutions, lower costs, and a safe and healthy environment.

“The improvements to the Embassy’s visa processing system, including those offered by the SDS Program, is just one more reason why Filipino students should make Canada their destination of choice,” he added.

On the other hand, the Wise Immigration’s first batch of applicants was happy that the approval rate of their application is high. Given that SDS guarantees faster and easier visa application, it will encourage more aspiring students to start their application under the Study Direct Stream.

Miss Georgia Denise Troyo, the first ever SDS applicant approved by the embassy, said that she is grateful that finally her dream to study in Canada will be realized.

“I would like to thank Wise Immigration for accommodating my student application. As one of the first batch of applicants under Study Direct Stream, I am honored and will be forever grateful for all their help,” said Troyo.

In addition, Wise Immigration’s success in bringing students to Canada under the pilot initiative (SDS) program will strengthen the ongoing partnerships in Canada’s high-performing colleges. These partnerships with Niagara College, Centennial College, and Yukon College will pave the way for more education opportunities for the students.

As of press time, Wise Immigration keeps on receiving successful visa applications and probably the first batch of visa releases by the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines with a 100% approval rate.


Written By: Leo Garciso

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