PDOS 2022: Another Night to Remember

“Just trust the process because we know what we are doing.”

Mr. Wise Guy made the night of August 17, 2022, brighter with his inspiring words. Wise Immigration celebrated another victory with numerous successful clients after a month of celebrating the same success with a different batch. The Wise staff and clients enjoyed another sumptuous dinner at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel. It was indeed another night filled with entertainment and extravaganza.

The event was made even more special because of the presence of the man behind this family, Sir Ben Ryan Ybañez. It was a great experience to finally have our very own CEO attend our events after three years of not coming home to the Philippines due to the pandemic. He got to congratulate and recognize our successful clients in person. 

Sir Ben got to hear the heartwarming stories of the clients who shared their journeys. We listened to the young Ms. Noreen, who felt so sad leaving her parents but felt grateful at the same time for their never-ending support of her dreams. Mr. Richmond inspired us with his story of taking a leap of faith despite having a stable job in the Philippines. Lastly, the Ornopia Family’s amusing anecdote on how they earnestly prayed for being granted to travel together. Everyone had shining tears and enormous smiles after hearing the divine wonders in our clients’ sharing. It was a night to remember.

The clients, who were present that evening, received special send-off kits specially prepared by Wise. It included travel envelopes, business cards of Wise and Four Seasons, sim cards, and a special surprise. The company continues to anticipate its clients’ needs, from visa applications to travel to Canada. Those kits were a preparation to keep their travel documents safe and reach the company anytime. We hope to do better for our clients during their travel to Canada. These kits were just a start.

Wise vows to keep walking the talk to achieve more positive results.

You might be one of our successful clients. Let us discuss your plans now.



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