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Yes. They are 100% free. You just need to fill the events registration form.

Yes. You just need to book an appointment here and we will assign you a case officer to better assist you.

We can help you process visa applications such as student, tourist, and others. Book an appointment with one of our case officers to better assist you.

You need to get accepted in the school of your choice and acquire a study permit.

You need to prepare the following documents:

  • Updated Resume
  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • HS Diploma and Transcript
  • College Diploma and Transcript
  • Passport

Canada is known to be a home to esteemed colleges and universities. It is better to choose a program that is aligned to your career goals and aspirations. To better assist you in assessing the right program and school for you, please feel free to send us a message here.

Your school credentials that you submitted for your school application will be used for your study permit application as well. You will also need to prepare your birth certificate, NBI clearance, sponsorship documents, etc. For further assistance, book an appointment with one of our case officers.

The process will take 2-3 months upon submission of requirements to the visa officer.

Our proof of funds is calculated based on the tuition fee of your chosen program with the cost of living consist of accommodation, daily expenses, maintenance fees, basic utilities, and others. For further details, please book an appointment with one of our case officers.

Yes, you are eligible to work in Canada while studying. There are conditions and requirements to consider for this eligibility. Discuss your eligibility with one of our case officers here.

Yes. We can assist you in processing your application immediately. Feel free to contact us here.

Yes. We can help you process a permanent residency visa.