Wise: Your best option!

Wise Immigration & Study Services was again recognized by its partner Canadian school, Fanshawe College, during its College Agent Award event last December 16, 2022, at Makati Diamond Residences, Makati City. Wise Immigration bagged the “Silver”  award for its continuous service to aspiring Filipino international students.

The Wise team’s unwavering determination in processing applications is the ultimate goal of positive responses for our students. Sending students successfully to Canada, especially to Fanshawe College, is the leading mission of Wise Immigration as an education consultancy agency. Nevertheless, Wise persists in accomplishing big goals in its education pathways services.

Getting recognized each year by its partners is a significant track for Wise to prove its credibility to the world. More so, it is a chance for the team to show off its caliber when speaking about the best choice for a visa assistance provider to Filipino international students.

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