Mr. Wise Guy in the Philippines

Welcome Back to the Philippines, Mr. Wise Guy!

Wise Immigration became bolder, bigger, and better after the pandemic-stricken era. Then, here came more fantastic news. Its father is back in his motherland. Sir Ben Ryan Ybanez is in the Philippines!

After four years of not being able to father his baby company personally, Sir Ben, or Mr. Wise Guy, as everyone calls him, finally arrived in the Philippines in early August this year. All of the staff were a bit nervous and excited about his arrival. Everyone was indeed bursting with mixed emotions. It had been a while since some of them have not seen him. Moreover, it is the first time for the others. Nonetheless, it is about time that Wise reunifies with its founder.

The presence of Wise’s very own CEO and President means something huge is happening. Everyone is in for a wonderful surprise. What could it be? What’s next for Wise Immigration? What should you expect from Wise Immigration?

Mr. Wise Guy, himself, will give you a glimpse of what is his vision and plans for Wise and its clients after the years of struggle due to the pandemic.

Q: How was the feeling that you could not visit your company (Wise Immigration and Study Services) for a long time?

BRY: it’s great to be back and so excited to personally thank the entire team for their resilience and commitment to WISE in these challenging times of pandemic. Also, I am grateful to our Almighty for bringing me home safely, and to our dear clients who are always there to support us that keep us moving forward to this day.

 Q: How did it feel when you finally arrived in the Philippines and stepped foot in your office building?

BRY: The adrenaline rush is always there, excitement, joy, and being with the team is a thing that I am longing for.

Q: Are there some things we should look forward to from Wise Immigration now that you are in the Philippines?

BRY: We need to fill in the immediate shortage gap of manpower. We are blessed to expand our offices even with this pandemic, but the welfare of each employee and innovating our services approach are my priorities, the first thing on my desk!

Wise is happy to see Sir Ben. We are excited to experience more events and lectures with Mr. Wise Guy. We look forward to embracing the change in the company after three years and a pandemic.

Are you ready to soar higher with Wise Immigration? Let us fulfill your dreams to Canada now.


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