August 2022: A Record-Breaking Month

News arrived just in time for the ‘Ber’ months to kick-start the Christmas season. The Wise team and its clients were so overwhelmed with gratitude for the success that had come.

Last August 26, 2022, Wise Immigration reached the 100th mark of its number of approvals just for August.  It was indeed a momentous victory for the team since the pandemic. No one expected it, but everyone hoped to achieve this goal by the end of the month. Luckily, even before August ended, Wise surpassed the said goal. By the end of the month, we reached over 100 approvals . It ranges from loads of student applications to their dependents and a few tourist visas.

With this success, the team is getting more motivated to keep up with the commitment to cater to more clients and work on fulfilling their dreams. This achievement may only be a post-pandemic spur of the moment. But with utmost dedication to set our minds and hearts in wanting to achieve the same kind of success, we know we will be able to continue delivering great news to our clients.

The Wise team continually stands firm on its mission to reach out to clients and make a difference in their lives. We are confident that we can be an instrument of change in our fellow Filipinos’ lives. Our client’s success is our success.

“We are WISE and we believe that dedication and commitment are necessary to achieve success.”

Would you like to be one of our 100 successful clients next month? Book an appointment with one of our team professionals now.



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